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In regards to Medical Approvals, all materials used are FDA approved.

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Denture Inc. offers a full repair/replacement warranty on its dentures and partials for the first year of product life. Extended 1 and 2-year tooth warranties are available for purchase. Extended warranties are valid for 12 or 24 months (depending on warranty purchased) after a customer has completed their 1-year product warranty. Both warranties cover dentures or partials to the extent that if the product cracks, break, or has teeth fall out during normal, recommended use, Denture Inc. will repair or replace—at the Denturist's discretion—the denture or partial. Denture Inc.'s Extended Warranties are invalidated if the customer misuses his or her denture or partial. Terms of warranty and misusage are explained below.
Terms of Warranty:

  1. Product must have been purchased from Denture.com and be within the warranty period at time of request.
  2. Product must be presented to Dentures Inc. for inspection prior to receiving a repair or replacement product.
  3. Product must fall within the guidelines of "normal" use. An inspection of the product by our Denturist will determine if product has been misused.
    1. Dentures Inc.'s Normal Use Warranty does not cover:
      • A denture or partial that has been chewed by a pet
      • A customer or other repair center attempting to repair the denture or partial
      • A customer excessively clenching, grinding, or gnashing his or her teeth. Other examples exist. Customers should exercise care when eating and practice good oral hygiene.
  4. Warranty does not cover breaks, cracks, or missing teeth due to customer mishandling.

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