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In regards to Medical Approvals, all materials used are FDA approved.

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Do Your Dentures Look Like Dentures? We are your Solution! Read about our Self Impression Technique.

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Premium New Dentures
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Premium New Dentures
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Permanent Lower Soft Liner
Everything you asked for in a complete set of dentures. Our Premium Dentures have superior appearance and fit.

The secret lies in the natural layering. BlueLine Denture Teeth, known for superior aesthetics, reproduce the very different dentin and incisal layers for natural esthetics. Blueline Denture Teeth blend next to natural teeth in partial denture cases and provide the complete denture wearer with a beautiful, natural, aesthetic smile! Combine BlueLine Denture Teeth with DCL (Double cross-linked) material...the strongest PMMA material available on the market today.

The density of DCL material has a high wear and plaque resistance, a superior bond to denture base materials, and resists breakage. We use Preference shade material on the denture base for extra strength. We also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our revolutionary soft liner material combines softness, durability, bond strength, and aesthetics.
Permanent Lower Soft Liner can be ADDED to your new lower denture at the time of construction. Our Permanent Lower Soft Liner exhibits high elasticity and molds itself to the gums during chewing.

Because it is permanently soft, the Permanent Lower Soft Liner offers the patient greater comfort and stability than a normal, HARD acrylic surface.
Customer Reviews
Didn't even need to leave my home
I have had my full set of dentures for 5 years now, I am so happy with them, most people don't even notice they are dentures. The process was easy, they sent instructions with every process, and the finish product was absolutely awesome. I dont plan on going anywhere else. It was so easy I didn't even have to leave my house. Thank you for such wonderful dentures.
Reviewed by: Tammy P from Montana. on 2/3/2013
My new dentures
Hi I have had my new dentures for a week now and they are great. They fit good and while eating or just talking they stay in place. My friends have said I look good too. Thanks again.
Reviewed by: R.Mil from Roseville. on 1/25/2013
Premium New Dentures + Permanent Lower Soft Liner
Everything is fine. I'm very pleased, and definitely give 5 stars, both for product and professional staff. They are wonderful examples of excellent customer service.
Reviewed by: E. Morgan from New York, NY. on 10/26/2012
I'm responding about my Dentures.
I am very pleased. I have had them since June (as always takes a little getting use too). I had the soft liner in place and I have adjusted well. They fit perfect, look great, and I will share my experience with others. Thank you for all your help.
Reviewed by: Kenneth Bandy from Virginia. on 8/16/2012
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