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Lower Superflex Partial
Part Number LSPD
Lower Superflex Partial
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Superflex partials and appliances are injection molded using heat and pressure. This process guarantees an extremely dense and perfect fitting Partial. Being a superplastic, once it is injected the position and shape of the material will never change. The bio-compatibility is far superior to the Chrome-Cobalt used in most partials. Do you really want to have Chrome-Cobalt in your mouth?
Customer Reviews
2nd time around
I purchased an upper partial from you several years ago which has been great, far better fit than one I purchased from a local dentist!
Reviewed by: Carol from Virginia. on 12/13/2012
Thanks Great Product!!
I had some issues with the bite, but Dr. George and Gracelyn were so awesome and with some filing, the bite is perfect!! Excellent product and professional staff. Thanks.
Reviewed by: Sharon Lennon from Florida. on 8/17/2012
Very pleased
My lower partial is working out perfect. It looks great, feels great, and works great. My order was even finished a little ahead of schedule. Just the fact of getting a denture and partial in this manner is great. It was easy going back and forth through the mail without going into an office.
Reviewed by: David from CA. on 5/16/2012
This Upper Partial is great!
I had gone to other dentists and they wanted double what I was charged by Dentures Online to make my partial. I was treated with courtesy by the dentists and technicians throughout the whole process and was even called to ask if I had any trouble with the partial.
Reviewed by: John from WI. on 10/26/2011
Fabulous Fit
I got my partial yesterday afternoon and it is fabulous. I put it in my mouth and it was a perfect fit right out of the box! Wow! No Dremel drill adjustments whatsoever needed. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery.
Reviewed by: Terri from AZ. on 10/24/2011

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