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In regards to Medical Approvals, all materials used are FDA approved.

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The following are answers to common questions regarding ordering affordable dentures through the mail.

How long have you been providing dentures through the mail?
We have provided dentures through the mail since 2001. Over that time, methods and procedures have been adjusted and perfected. Our E-Z Self Impression Technique has been used in the fabrication of over 1,000 dentures. With this system we are finally able to produce predictable dentures. No hassles, no worries, and a 30 day money-back guarantee.


Will my new dentures be better than my old set?
Dentures deteriorate over time and eventually require replacement. Your new dentures from Denture.com will be made from high-quality materials under FDA standards and be custom fitted to your mouth. Your new dentures will be better than your existing set of dentures because they will be brand new and made to your specifications. Your new set of dentures will be made from impressions of your current dentures or, if this is your first set, impressions of your mouth. You will have plenty of time to try on custom wax dentures made from your impressions and make any changes you wish before giving approval for your new dentures to be made. Denture.com is committed to excellence and guarantees that new dentures will ensure customer satisfaction. Once you receive your new dentures, you should allow a little while for your mouth to adjust. If you are not satisfied within 30 days, return the dentures for a refund.


How long will it take to get my new dentures?
Our system is just as complete with regard to every detail as if you had your dentures made in our clinic. The start to finish process takes 5 to 7 weeks on average; however, we are committed to making dentures that fit your mouth perfectly and will spend whatever time is necessary to create that custom fit. The steps in the process are

1. Preliminary Impressions
2. Final Impressions, Wax Bite, and Try-In
3. Finished Dentures.

What if I need extractions?
You need between 10 weeks and 3 months healing time before being fitted for a new denture. Denture.com does not perform extractions.


What is the process?

We will walk you through the complete process with step-by-step instructions and videos to cover every aspect.
After placing your order (for example, a single lower partial), you will receive a kit with materials to take an impression. This first stage of the process is the most important because we can't make a well-fitting denture without an accurate impression of either your existing denture(s) or your mouth (if this is your first denture). Ship your impression to our office and we will make and ship a wax version of the denture(s) to you to try on.
The second stage is trying on the wax denture(s) and noting any changes you would like made in fit or style (tooth size, shade, placement). You will also receive two wax bite wafers which you will warm and bite into so that we can check the bite on your new denture(s) and ensure that everything is lining up the way it should. If there are changes you'd like made, we will make the changes and ship the denture(s) back to you for another try-on.
The third stage is making your final denture(s) and shipping it to you. Once you receive the denture(s), you will have 30 days to return it for a refund if you are not satisfied.

How will you determine the size of the upper front teeth?
We can match the teeth size to that of your present dentures, or if you have never had dentures or don't like the teeth size in your present dentures, you may specify a new size. We will also provide a shade guide for you to select the shade of your new dentures.


How do we decide the color or the shade selection of the teeth?
We will send you a shade guide that contains the 5 most popular shades that the dental schools use and teach, including the white shade AO. This shade kit can be used to match your natural teeth on a single denture.


What is the cost of this service?
"Personalized" dentures are no longer the privilege of the wealthy. A complete set of dentures from Denture.com is only USD$895.00 or, if this is your first set of dentures, only USD$995.00. A single upper or lower denture is USD$495.00 or, if this is your first denture, USD$595.00, and a Super Flex partial is USD$595.00.


Why should I buy from Denture.com?
Your denture(s) will be crafted using quality dental materials to fit and function within the high standards set forth by our profession. All Denture.com's dentures are FDA approved. We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on the workmanship of the product once you receive your final denture(s).


Will Denture.com stand behind its work?
Yes! Denture.com is committed to high-quality dentures and guarantees its workmanship and product. If for any reason you are not happy, we will refund your payment in full during the first 30 days of receipt of final product.


Should I use store-bought liners?
Some of the materials used in these products can ruin the over-all fit of your dentures. We provide an excellent soft reline material, the same one we use in our clinic, and it will definitely not ruin the fit of your denture. Please visit our Denture Products page to buy the cushion reliner and other products.

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